How does it work?
Organic oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method used to dissolve and dislodge bad bacteria and plaque from the teeth and mouth and can naturally whiten your teeth over time.
Coconut oil pulling can not only improve the appearance of your smile, but can also help expel toxins from the body giving you clearer skin, stronger immunity to bacteria, and better overall health. 

How do I use coco+?
1. Cut sachet along the dotted line.
2. Apply content into your mouth and swirl for approximatley 15-20 minutes. Should you experience any jaw pains, take it easy and just make small swirl movements. You may initially try to use the product for 5 minutes but gradually work your way up for the most effective results!

Where can I store my coco+?
The consistency of coco+ may vary once you receive it. That simply depends on the temperature it was stored at during delivery. We recommend keeping the sachets in a cool and dry place. However if it gets too cold it may harden, but that's ok. We do not use any chemicals to stabilize our product because it is natural. For a better consistency warm up sachet with your hands before use. Or simply pour contents into your mouth and coco+ will melt in your mouth. The process will feel surprisingly new but with time it will become second nature. Once you start seeing those coffee stains fading, we are sure you will keep swirling ;) 

What comes with my coco+ order.
Each coco+ package contains 14 carefully assorted sachets that contain our Ayurvedic natural oils. For optimal results use 1 sachet for 14days as directed. 

How often should I use coco+?
We recommend using coco+ once a day prior to brushing your teeth. Try it while in the shower or during your daily morning or bedtime routine. 

When is the best time to use coco+?
You can use coco+ anytime of the day. Be it after lunch, before an important meeting or date. However, we recommend incorporating swirling prior to brushing your teeth (in the morning or before bed) which helps you build a healthy new habit to your oral routine.

Important Delivery Information:
coco+ is currently being pre-sold and deliveries are expected to ship by end of March 2018. If you have any questions or just want to say hi email us at hello@suisseforme.com